Thursday, October 20, 2011

My PCMI Geometry Project

I attended Park City Mathematics Institute Summer Secondary Teachers Program.  That is a mouthful and luckily the PCMI folks love acronyms (We had a presentation on all the acronyms the first day.  Not even joking a little bit.)

Anyways, part of the SSTP is spent in Working Groups of 8-10 teachers and 2 teacher leaders.  We were giving 8 hours a week to fiddle around and come up with something that would be useful to the larger mathematics community.

I had the pleasure of working with Joey and Barb.  Joey and I came up with a project to help students better visualize points, lines, and planes while learning how to draw 2-D drawings of 3-D situations and use Geogebra.   I haven't been able to try the project yet (one-to-one laptop program doesn't launch until next week), but several other PCMI-ers in the math teacher blogosphere have given it a go and written about their experiences.

Click HERE for PiCrust's review

Click HERE for f(t)'s initial description
Click HERE for f(t)'s follow-up

Sooo exciting.  I can't wait to try it.

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